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Online Video Solutions

Our Company Road Map to Success Story - Online Video Solutions Network LLC, also known as "Online Video Solutions" is a social media communications, video production and digital learning company. Our passion is providing community service and the company vision is to develop innovative solutions with online videos that achieve better results for our customers.
Since first opening for business in January 2011 after completing a university training program on innovation and entrepreneurship, our innovative ideas with online videos have received visits from U.S. Government Leaders and over twenty countries around the world. 

For its innovative business strategies, community involvement, employee development and customer service, the early-growth stage company received a Blue Ribbon Small Business of the year national award in 2012 at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Summit in Washington DC. In 2012, the early-growth stage company also received a special recognition award from a State Governor for development of a workplace safety digital learning program.

Online Video Solutions is very appreciative for the outstanding opportunities to explore its innovative business ideas with U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, U.S. Veterans, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Education, Business Owners, Chamber of Commerce Leaders, Business Executives, Students and Educators.  
Online Video Solutions Founder and University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) 
Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Anniversary Event in 2011


Online Video Solutions Founder and Senior Trainer On-location at Project # 100


U.S. Chamber of Commerce "Blue Ribbon" Small Business National Award for 2012


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Custom designed for Hospitality Concierges, Hotel Key Packets, Automotive Dealerships Video Marketing, Rental Car Agencies, Ready-to-Assemble Products, Retail Store Displays, Marketing Brochures, Automobile Owner Manuals, How-to Videos, Indoor / Outdoor For Sale Signage, Door Hangers, Business Cards, Shipping Boxes, Restaurant To-Go Containers, Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Videos and MORE.  An October 2013 Research Study by Google revealed that 40% of YouTube Traffic is from Mobile Devices (Smartphones & Tablets).

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OUR PRIVACY POLICY - Effective January 01, 2011, Online Video Solutions, "The Company" will not provide any Client or Customer information to ANY other company or group or individual unless formally required in a written document prepared by the U.S. Government.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Effective January 01, 2011, Client or Customer owns copyright permissions to "As Is" digital content at time of full payment to Online Video Solutions for its professional services. 

The Company does not grant copyright permissions for any creative common license or royalty free digital content that is owned by others.

No project deposit, down-payment or payments shall be refunded for termination or schedule changes on a Customer approved service agreement project. Any late payment on a Customer approved service agreement project will result in suspension of project activities by Online Video Solutions until all outstanding payments are received from the Customer. 

Online Video Solutions Network LLC assumes no liability for any "As Is" digital content or its "As Is" professional services and it does not guarantee "Better Results" for completed projects.

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